Nama’seeya later

WOW 4 months already! Time flies when you are having fun and stretching it out! For #EDTC300 we were required to learn something new that may or may not have sparked joy in us. For my #learningproject I decided to dive into the art of yoga. The decision to do yoga was fuelled by 2 things.. 1) Not having to spend anything on equipment or materials and 2) wanting to become a more nimble human.

Comparing my week 1 results to my week 13, I completed some basic moves to test how my flexibility has improved over the semester. As you can tell from below, there is improvement! I am still not near I want to be but everyone starts somewhere. In the first comparison I was shocked that I can now not only touch my toes but grab the bottom of my feet. The second photos I can now place part of my hands on the ground!!


In my first post This is going to be a bit of a stretch I discuss the importance of keeping up my physical wellbeing as I am getting older … approaching 23 OLD I KNOW! But in looking after myself it is less about excelling at one sport but feeling good in my body and increasing my energy.

Throughout the project I tried to find multiple online platforms to help me during my process of yoga. There were definitely some platforms that I enjoy more than others and often kept going back to! Hands down my favourite source I found was Yoga With Adriene on YouTube which was recommended to me by a friend. Lets take a look at my yoga journey through a weekly breakdown.

Getting into the zen of things:

ZZZ’s for days with bedtime yoga:

  • For this week I went to yoga, luckily my search wasn’t extensive due to taking recommendations through others! I found myself subscribing to Yoga with Adriene and completing 7 minute bedtime yoga video. I also wanted to go into why one should practice yoga before bed, thanks to an article by DoYouYoga I found 5 benefits. Below is my time-lapsed video of bedtime yoga.

So you want to become a Yogi?

  • After researching benefits of doing bedtime yoga, I was curious about all the benefits of yoga. This post consisted of how others can do yoga, why we should do yoga and where do to yoga in YQR.
  • For convenience I look at some apps that can be downloaded to our devices, the best one I found was DownDog. Although later found out you can only complete X amount of series then you have to pay…
  • Why should we practice yoga? The article  13 benefits of Yoga that are Supported by Science looks at peer reviewed articles that support the benefits such as relieving anxiety, reduce inflammation and relieving migraines along with 10 more.
  • Lastly where to do yoga in YQR. Of course yoga can be completed anywhere but if you wanted to go to a studio some examples where Yoga Mala and Bodhi Tree.

Yoga X Cree

  • Collaboration time! Sarah Bahr and I wanted to combine our learning projects into one! We found simple poses that Sarah could translate the basic words in Cree. I was so impressed with her knowledge and uses of resources! We got the poses from  Yoga Journal and used The Online Cree Dictionary to help translate. Some of the poses we completed were downward dog, eagle and tree pose. Watch our video below to learn more!

Yogatta be kidding me…

  • The app I found 2 weeks prior was its time to get some use. Down Dog is user friendly with the ability to adapt the length of time and concentrate on certain areas such as lower back or neck.
  • This week I also wanted to try a challenging pose, so I decided on the Eight Angle Pose and boy was it ever challenging!

Amy Ippoliti, eight-angle pose, Astavakrasana







Living by Elle Woods’ Words

  • This week were asked to try out a new technology tool and incorporate it into our learning project. I used the app Splice which is a video editing tool.
  • Below is a screen recording of me using the app to edit my yoga video. I found the blog and article Everyday Health 8 morning yoga posed to start your day
  • If you are wondering why I am inspired by Elle Woods’ words it is because of this quote: “Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy”.

Teach me how to Yogi, teach me teach me how to Yogi

  • This week was all about teaching others, I mean it is what we are good at so why not use our assets.
  • I found a video on relieving pain from text neck, which is all too familiar in this class and with our generation. The video was inspired by Yoga with Adriene but I added in some of my own moves that I find help my neck pain.

Enjoying the Sun Salutation

  • The last week of my blog post, I took to outside to enjoy the above 0 degree weather we have been having! I completed a sun salutation which is a series of yoga poses performed in a continuous flowing sequence and intended to improve the strength and flexibility of the muscles.
  • Some reasons to do yoga outside are feeling connected to your neighbours, getting a dose of vitamin D and being one with nature found by Shape Magazine and Do you Yoga

This whole experience as been great! There were few days where I dreaded do my learning project, although I did get frustrated with my body at not being able to complete the moves as effectively as I would have liked, I kept saying “it is apart of the process”. I will try to continue yoga maybe not into my everyday routine but at least weekly. One takeaway from this yoga experience is no matter how terrible or great you are at yoga, there is always something for your level, you can continually challenge your body and mind during yoga or take it as slow as you would like!

Yoga is all about your preferences and what you want to accomplish during the time!

Get out there and yoga kids! Namaste Bitmoji Image

Enjoying the Sun Salutation

Since the weather has been incredibly amazing, I decided to take it outside to enjoy the sun while doing a sun salutation. A sun salutation is a series of yoga poses performed in a continuous flowing sequence and intended to improve the strength and flexibility of the muscles. These are only a few of the moves that I completed throughout my series.

I came across some benefits of practicing yoga outside. Since yoga is about being in touch with ourselves and our surroundings, what better way to do that than with having physical touch with the Earth itself?



I took “why do outside yoga” to google and came across some benefits from source as Shape Magazine and Do you Yoga

Some include

  • Feeling connected to your neighbours
  • Being one with nature
  • Dose of Vitamin D

This was my favourite way to practice so far. I love being outside especially in the springtime. Hearing the birds chirping and the smile on Maddox’s face for finally being able to escape the indoors (shown).

Teach me how to Yogi, teach me teach me how to Yogi

Learning yoga for my #learningproject has been a challenge to say the least, being a student and working finding time for myself has been a struggle. But from what I have learned this semester is that yoga can be as challenging or as easy as you would like it to be. If I were to call myself a Yogi, I would be lying but I do appreciate those who practice yoga consistently because it is both mentally and physically challenging.

Today I decided to help you relieve that stress in your neck and back from what we call “text neck”. Text neck is from looking down at a screen all day and creating stress on your spine. These moves in the video are quick and easy allowing you to complete them separately or completing the 12 minute video created with Splice!

I hope this video relieved neck and back tension for you and hopefully you incorporate this into your daily routine!

This video was inspired by Yoga with Adriene 

NamasteBitmoji Image

Living by Elle Woods’ Words

For our #learningproject we were given a prompt to use a new technology tool to help us demonstrate our learning.

Sarah Bahr introduced me to an app called Splice and I thought I would give it a try. Check out what she thinks about Splice!

Splice is a video editing tool, that allows you to customize with features such as adding audio that is provided or from iTunes, trimming or cutting video clips, transitions.

For myself I found this app very user friendly, with easy instructions and clear features.







Here is a screen recording of me editing my yoga videos, I purposely had no sound so I could add it in with the app.


I did some morning yoga this week, kicking off the day with self focus and slowing getting my body ready for the day. I googled morning yoga poses and found a blog Everyday Health 8 morning yoga posed to start your day. I also incorporated some other poses that I have learned throughout the week.

I can see progress through watching this video, being able to hold poses for longer periods of time without being wobbly. I have also my back not being as sore in the mornings and overall feel more energized.

As my shirt says,

“Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy” – Elle Woods




Yogatta be kidding me…

This week for my learning project I thought I would do a screen recording of the app Down Dog I have been using! I decided to add on some lower back opening movements as it has been a bit sore lately!

I did see at the end of my yoga video that I only have one class left for free then I will have to sign up and pay.. very disappointing so be aware of that if you have just started using this app!

So far..

  • My balance still isn’t the best
  • I felt very stiff that day and that’s OKAY
  • Day to day I feel like my flexibility has increased slowly!

My challenge pose I decided to do.. is exactly that CHALLENGING! Might be way out of my range but giving it a shot.

I followed Yoga Journal’s 4 steps to mastering the Eight Angle Pose

What it is supposed to look like:

Amy Ippoliti, Eight-Angle Pose Prep, astavakrasanaAmy Ippoliti, Eight-Angle Pose Prep, astavakrasana

Amy Ippoliti, Eight-Angle Pose Prep, astavakrasana



Amy Ippoliti, eight-angle pose, Astavakrasana

What I looked like:





Yes the last photo I am supposed to be off the ground..

Yoga X Cree


This week Sarah Bahr and I decided to do a collaboration of our two learning projects, yoga and Cree. We thought this would be a great idea to challenge one another’s progress of learning!

We started with warming up our bodies by simple movements of our head, shoulders and reaching to our toes. Now getting into the yoga poses, we completed 7 movements as Sarah taught me the Cree word and I repeated it back to her! The poses were retrieved from Yoga Journal and Sarah used The Online Cree Dictionary and Beginning Cree Textbook as resources for the words.

These are the yoga poses with a link to what the look like and the bolded word in Cree.

Downward Dog … atim

Cat and Cow … minôs, mostos

Butterfly …mimikwâs

Chair …tehtapowin

Eagle ..kihîw

Tree ..mistik

Due to the research I had done, I found many new poses that I want to challenge myself with, previously I have done more relaxing meditation rather than actual poses. For the next weeks I want to find a pose that is challenging and practice it to watch myself get better and stronger.

This experience allowed me and get others moving and get rid of the notion that yoga is easy but something that can be very frustrating at times. Sarah did a great job with the poses as well as teaching me Cree words! This would be an excellent idea for a Physical Education class while incorporating Indigenous language.

So you want to become a Yogi?

If you are someone who wants to get into yoga but is nervous or thinks it’s a scam with the benefits this post is for you! I decided to do some research on my learning project, such as the benefits of yoga, user friendly apps and local studios in YQR to help you get started with beginning your yoga journey.

How Yoga?

I started my research in the App Store on my IPhone for apps for yoga. I found a lot of apps were a combination of fitness and not just yoga. An app I found in Down Dog and it is very user friendly. It has different skill level options from Intro to Yoga to Advanced, different types of yoga such as Quick Flow and Restorative, as well as length times from 12 minutes to 60 minutes and different Boosts which are specific to one area of your body.

Here is a screen recording of the app.

Why Yoga?

There is a lot of talk behind the benefits of yoga and I find some people don’t know what to believe or if they are all true.

This article by discusses 13 benefits of Yoga that are Supported by Science. Each benefit has multiple links to scientific peer reviewed articled that support these benefits. The 13 benefits are:

  1. Can Decrease Stress
  2. Relieves Anxiety
  3. May Reduce Inflammation
  4. Could Improve Heart Health
  5. Improves Quality of Life
  6. May Fight Depression
  7. Could Reduce Chronic Pain
  8. Could Promote Sleep Quality
  9. Improves Flexibility and Balance
  10. Could Help Improve Breathing
  11. May Relieve Migraines
  12. Promotes Healthy Eating Habits
  13. Can Increase Strength

As you can tell from the titles of these benefits, common terms used are may, could, promotes. As every person will react differently and have different experiences when doing yoga but these are common benefits that have been shown and support by scientific research.

Where Yoga in YQR?

This is a list of 8 Yoga studios in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Yoga Mala

Bodhi Tree

Yoga Haven

Quan’s Hot Yoga

Oxygen Yoga & Fitness

Mind Body Soul

Wilkie Wellness

Canzone Yoga



ZZZ’s for days with bedtime yoga

As this week has been so crazy, I decided to go to Yoga With Adriene on YouTube who I found a couple of weeks ago but had yet to do any of her videos. I felt I needed to some relaxation in my life especially this week since I’ve had a midterm, a few quizzes and applying for school divisions!

I noticed she had a playlist called “10-15 minute Yoga Practices“, this is exactly what I needed something fast to relax me then get to bed as it was approaching midnight quickly. The third video was called 7 minute Bedtime Yoga, so I gave it a try. I found the poses very simple yet effective. A few times she mentions releasing the tension in your jaw, which is a common thing for many people but rarely do we notice we are clenching our jaw. These little reminders to let go of the tension we are holding onto is so important especially in stressful or anxious times.

I started to research why someone should do yoga before bed and I found these benefits on DoYouYoga.

  1. Deeper Replenishing Sleep
  2. Reduce Stress
  3. Soothe Tension, Aches and Pains
  4. Prevent Mind Chatter

As you can see from the time-lapse video I wasn’t too relaxed because it was my first time so I had to constantly look at the moves and what she was doing. 7 minutes went by fast and I felt I could have done a bit of a longer one but the video was nice and simple for a beginner like myself! To my surprise I slept quite well even though my anxiety was heightened because I had a pre-screening conversation with Prairie Valley School Division the next morning! I want to continue doing these moves to connect with myself and free my mind at the end of the day. I also challenge you to try this routine out before bed and hope you all have a deep and refreshing sleep!

Enjoy my matching pyjamas and goodnight 🙂

Getting into the zen of things!

This week is my starting point, you will see below my before pictures of some basic moves indicating where my flexibility is at currently. As you can see any form of movement that requires flexibility on my back or hip flexors is a no from me. This isn’t surprising to me, these parts have been inflexible for as long as I can remember. Coaches were constantly telling me to get lower when skating but I just couldn’t, my inflexibility didn’t allow for this.

This week I also started searching online for resources that I could learn from. This first was recommended by a friend, Yoga with Adriene, she posts videos on YouTube from guided mediation to foundations of yoga. I thought this would be a great source, it seems easy to follow and well laid out.

Next was Yoga Journal of Twitter, they post various articles surrounding yoga. For example “The Best Type of Practice for Each Phase of Your Menstrual Cycle“, hmm I have one of those… could be beneficial or “5 Yoga Moves to Practice Daily for Everyday Core Strength“, yup could use some core strength! I realized that they use twitter as a device to put out their content as Yoga Journal is a blog!

I am hoping these 2 resources can give me some guidance along this journey of becoming a yogi!

This is going to be a bit of a stretch…

Ah yoga.. something we all know about but very little of us participate, why? For myself, being an athlete its not that I haven’t considered or tried to getting into but always something that I never followed through with. The sports I grew up playing didn’t have a heavy aspect of flexibility in order to succeed (or so I thought) they focused on endurance and strength which were two words I didn’t combine with yoga.

As I am getting older and have been out of the competitive field for a while, I still have a priority of taking care of my body and now more so than ever my mind. While being healthy for me might not mean being able to skate fast or throw a ball far anymore, but being a peace with how I look physically and how I feel. Too often I wake up with a sore back or kinked neck and complain about these issues but seldom do I try to fix these and/or try to prevent them.

I am looking forward to how this will change my overall wellbeing, from my sleep to relaxing my mind and everything in between!

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