Only 90’s babies would understand…

Technology has evolved tremendously in the last 10 years, at the fastest rate compared to anything else.

We can carry around knowledge in the palm of our hand and take close to professional photos with it and connect with people worldwide. Smartphones, this technology has advanced us far into the future at an astounding rate.

Let’s rewind to my beginning..

1996: Home videos came from handheld videotape recorders, movies were on VHS (anyone remember blowing into it when it wouldn’t work?), listening to cassette tapes in the car and floppy discs to store documents.

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2006: Point and shoot cameras to take pictures at school (memories), jamming to my MP3 player where I illegally downloaded music from Limewire, playing SuperMario on my GameBoy Advance and watching TV but changing the channel meant getting up and going to the TV

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2010: t9 texting my friends on my LG Rumour, pressing the BACK button as fast as possible when accidentally pressing the internet button in fear of being charged, playing Mario Kart on the Wii at lunchtime, posting all my feelings on Facebook trying to get as many likes as I could and being able to use a remote to change channels (HELLO LAZY)!

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2013: BBM on Blackberry, posting Instagram and making Vines, transitioning from Ipods to listening to music on our phones (don’t have to carry around 2 devices!),  having a flat screen TV with HD (so clear so crisp) and laptops that aren’t 20 lbs to lug around.

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2019: IPhones that can scan your face and can hold thousands of photos and music, smartwatches that detect heart rate along with a multitude of other things, and apps for anything and everything.

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Looking back on my technology timeline, I would say I was too young to have a phone or facebook at age 12, but compared to children now of days having their own IPads at age 3 or having no control over their digital footprint because it was started in the womb. From the presentation in class, children spend 6.5 hours a day staring at a screen.

What is too much for children? Should there be digital guide such as there is a food guide?

I often find myself on a stare more many hours a day but now phones have Screen Time built into it. This feature sends you reports of your weekly report of how many hours you spend on your phone. I would also love this feature on my laptop as I use it more during the school day.

There are many negatives to having access to ALL of this information and technology at a young age BUT as Michael Wesch explains in “An Athropological Introduction to YouTube” the internet is a place for all to express and connect with others, I strongly believe that children now of days are more accepting to other who do not fit the norms of society because of the access to knowledge about it, “when media changes, human relationships change”.

When looking into the education aspect of my life, forms of technology has taken me through tough courses or allowing me to deliver content to my students in an engaging and impactful way. It can also increase communication with parents whether it’s using Google Classroom, Reminds 101, the schools assessment system such as HomeLogic or PowerSchool. Although I push back and question if these methods are taking away authentic interactions with parents and students and do we rely on technology too much and taking students away from the “sandbox”.



Modern Day Conversations – Twitter Chats

Twitter, the new age newspaper. Everything that is happening right now twitter is the first place there will be talk, whether it’s creating memes about it, providing backlash and keeping up to date on celebrities.

Up until I was in the education program I used twitter to provide me with a good laugh or to keep up on the latest gossip on celebrities and politics. Without twitter I wouldn’t have been able to see the infamous Oscar selfie in 2014 or updates on the American presidency.







Recently, I participated in a Twitter chat. What is a twitter chat? It is public conversation on Twitter that revolves around one hashtag. I participated in a twitter chat that used the hashtag #edtechchat, this chat revolved around educational technology and specifically being an ambassador for a company. In order to keep a twitter chat organized it is advised to use a third party app such as TweetDeck. With TweetDeck this allows you to see a column of the hashtag and of the person facilitating the twitter chat.

I found it hard to connect the topic of the week to educational technology but I believe technology companies are working with school divisions and teacher more often to try their products in the classroom in hopes of purchasing their product. I am unsure of how often this occurs in Canada but from the chat it seems this is common in the United States. We introduced ourselves and answered 6 questions, here are some examples of the responses.





Advice I would give for someone wanting to participate in a twitter chat for the first time:

  • Play around with a third party app like TweetDeck to familiarize yourself before the chat has started.
  • Go through the list of twitter chats to find some that spark your interest and that work with your schedule. This is a list of education chats.
  • Search the hashtag you are interested in to ensure it is still active. I was going to do #cdnedchat when I searched it and the last tweet from the facilitators was in 2017. I am not sure if someone else has taken over the chat or if it does not run anymore but always check before you start!
  • Engage with others in the chat by replying, retweeting or liking tweets
  • Don’t be discouraged if the first one you try isn’t the best fit!

Goodluck with your twitter chats!

ZZZ’s for days with bedtime yoga

As this week has been so crazy, I decided to go to Yoga With Adriene on YouTube who I found a couple of weeks ago but had yet to do any of her videos. I felt I needed to some relaxation in my life especially this week since I’ve had a midterm, a few quizzes and applying for school divisions!

I noticed she had a playlist called “10-15 minute Yoga Practices“, this is exactly what I needed something fast to relax me then get to bed as it was approaching midnight quickly. The third video was called 7 minute Bedtime Yoga, so I gave it a try. I found the poses very simple yet effective. A few times she mentions releasing the tension in your jaw, which is a common thing for many people but rarely do we notice we are clenching our jaw. These little reminders to let go of the tension we are holding onto is so important especially in stressful or anxious times.

I started to research why someone should do yoga before bed and I found these benefits on DoYouYoga.

  1. Deeper Replenishing Sleep
  2. Reduce Stress
  3. Soothe Tension, Aches and Pains
  4. Prevent Mind Chatter

As you can see from the time-lapse video I wasn’t too relaxed because it was my first time so I had to constantly look at the moves and what she was doing. 7 minutes went by fast and I felt I could have done a bit of a longer one but the video was nice and simple for a beginner like myself! To my surprise I slept quite well even though my anxiety was heightened because I had a pre-screening conversation with Prairie Valley School Division the next morning! I want to continue doing these moves to connect with myself and free my mind at the end of the day. I also challenge you to try this routine out before bed and hope you all have a deep and refreshing sleep!

Enjoy my matching pyjamas and goodnight 🙂

Getting into the zen of things!

This week is my starting point, you will see below my before pictures of some basic moves indicating where my flexibility is at currently. As you can see any form of movement that requires flexibility on my back or hip flexors is a no from me. This isn’t surprising to me, these parts have been inflexible for as long as I can remember. Coaches were constantly telling me to get lower when skating but I just couldn’t, my inflexibility didn’t allow for this.

This week I also started searching online for resources that I could learn from. This first was recommended by a friend, Yoga with Adriene, she posts videos on YouTube from guided mediation to foundations of yoga. I thought this would be a great source, it seems easy to follow and well laid out.

Next was Yoga Journal of Twitter, they post various articles surrounding yoga. For example “The Best Type of Practice for Each Phase of Your Menstrual Cycle“, hmm I have one of those… could be beneficial or “5 Yoga Moves to Practice Daily for Everyday Core Strength“, yup could use some core strength! I realized that they use twitter as a device to put out their content as Yoga Journal is a blog!

I am hoping these 2 resources can give me some guidance along this journey of becoming a yogi!

Feed(ly)ing my brain

The process of choosing my content on feedly had two key words; science and education. As for deciding which ones have the pleasure of me following, I considered a few things. A: how many others were following, this told me how popular their content is and/or relevant to the majority of the population. B: how many articles they posted a week, this showed how often they would be on my feed, too much I would skim over them and too little they wouldn’t provide enough content. C: their most popular articles, based on titles did they intrigued me? Did the titles talk about read science where it could benefits me and my growth as a science educator.

One source that I followed is ScienceDaily, being a science teacher it is helpful yet overwhelming to keep with the studies and new developments coming out. This source posts articles on the new discoveries in science and I take that knowledge and see if it is relevant in any of the science curriculums. An example of an article they posted was “Do microbes control the formation of giant copper deposits” this would fit nicely into Environmental and Earth Science .

screen shot 2019-01-26 at 8.36.18 pm screen shot 2019-01-27 at 12.04.22 pm


Its a ME…COURTNEY (Mario voice)

Hello! I am Courtney Hawkins.

This is my 5th year in university, I began in the Faculty of Science for two years prior to switching into the Secondary Education program. I have a major in Biology and minor in Chemistry. I interned at Central Collegiate in Moose Jaw, teaching Biology 30, Environmental Science 20 and Physical Science 20. Some examples of technology I used throughout was Socrative for quizzes, Flippity for various study games and CLEAPSS for lab safety.

As for blogging, I feel indifferent towards it because for myself writing creates more stress than relief. I have had to blog in previous classes such as ESCI 302 and ECS 210. You might ask why would I take this class then? I am going out of my comfort zone and trying to strengthen my weaknesses. I do follow bloggers such as Teach Me Style who is a teacher here in Regina and Jillian Harris who is based out of Kelowna, BC.

Through following and reading other blogs, I am hoping I will become more comfortable with blogging and writing content. I also want to transition my blog to be a resource for my students to find assignments and more as a daily agenda for them when I get my own classroom.



This is going to be a bit of a stretch…

Ah yoga.. something we all know about but very little of us participate, why? For myself, being an athlete its not that I haven’t considered or tried to getting into but always something that I never followed through with. The sports I grew up playing didn’t have a heavy aspect of flexibility in order to succeed (or so I thought) they focused on endurance and strength which were two words I didn’t combine with yoga.

As I am getting older and have been out of the competitive field for a while, I still have a priority of taking care of my body and now more so than ever my mind. While being healthy for me might not mean being able to skate fast or throw a ball far anymore, but being a peace with how I look physically and how I feel. Too often I wake up with a sore back or kinked neck and complain about these issues but seldom do I try to fix these and/or try to prevent them.

I am looking forward to how this will change my overall wellbeing, from my sleep to relaxing my mind and everything in between!

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