Courtney no sleuthing!

I mean who hasn’t googled themselves or others before?

My dreams came true this week when we got to cybersleuth or as I would say cyberstalk people from our EDTC 300 class. Even better I did 2 people, Sarah Bahr and Zunaira Toor.

First Sarah

I have Sarah on various forms of social media but I actually wanted to see what I could find without them!

Initially when I looked Sarah up nothing of hers came up until I put in key words “Saskatchewan or Regina”. Then BINGO!

What I found:

  • Her Facebook popped up first and since I am friends with her on Facebook, I am unsure of how protected it is from everyone.
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic list of 2017 graduates appeared, with her completing an ECE certificate
  • Her past hockey career came up with past statistics on her and her team her Regina Panthers.
  • Sarah’s professional blog

Only found 2 pictures in google, but one lead me to her personal twitter which is protected so I could not go any further.

After some more digging, her professional twitter and instagram were linked to her blog.

This gave me more information about who Sarah is:

  • Education student at the U of R
  • Loves plants because of the various pictured on her twitter and blog

Overall thoughts

It was a lot harder to find Sarah than I thought it would be. She has done an excellent job of having her privacy setting at the maximum. Everything that can be found is professional

Zunaira Toor

Due to her unique name it wasn’t too hard to find her.

What I found:

  • Her Linkedin, this told me that she works at Indigo and she interned at Martin Collegiate
  • Personal/Old twitter which is not protected and her professional/new twitter
  • Zunaira’s professional blog
  • Rate my teacher which she is wonderfully rated as 4 out of 5 stars

I found a few pictures all which are appropriate and from the links above.

What I found about who Zunaira is:

  • Education student at U of R – secondary program ELA and Inclusive Ed
  • She believes in anti-oppressive and anti-racist education
  • She identifies as muslim
  • Birthday is August 15

Overall thoughts:

It was a lot easier to find her than Sarah, but everything that was found was connected to her education!


Digital identity and what it means?Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 6.32.48 PM

While reading Split Image I had to fight back tears, because it was all to real to me. Going through something that is causing you sadness or pain and having to pretend to be okay. This is something I can relate to from the time I got social media in high school and even to this day. No one ever really knows about the battles you are fighting under it all, even though it is so common! So many people are not okay but do not feel they can be vulnerable to the outside world.

Recently I have seen a shift in this with multiple people on my own instagram talking about their struggles and insecurities, and having great responses in return. But I know there are many more who get seen at having a perfect life due to social media and not wanting other to think differently just as Madison.

Reflecting on my own social media experiences, I to am a victim of the “split image”, you feel the need to show others how well you are doing when in reality you could be falling apart. Whether it is going through a break up, moving to a new place or simply just not feeling yourself you constantly have to show how “happy” you are.

Listening to “The price of shame“, I had the same reactions, something all to familiar. One mistake can ruin anything and might ever go away. For Monica Lewinsky, she got dragged through the mud and luckily came out alive, as she said which is not true for many people.

The quote that has gotten be through many hard times is “This too shall pass”, for myself whatever I am going through, it is temporary, there were situations I was in in high school and I never thought I would get through it but here I am.

Final thoughts:

With having social media for 10 or so years no, I have seen myself evolve from posting everything to posting selectively to either not posting because I don’t feel like it or posting because I enjoy it. My evolution of social media has come from personal growth and hardships, I still have my battles with social media and I am no where near I want to be but closer than I was!

Image result for this too shall pass
Retrieved from: Google Images





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