ZZZ’s for days with bedtime yoga

As this week has been so crazy, I decided to go to Yoga With Adriene on YouTube who I found a couple of weeks ago but had yet to do any of her videos. I felt I needed to some relaxation in my life especially this week since I’ve had a midterm, a few quizzes and applying for school divisions!

I noticed she had a playlist called “10-15 minute Yoga Practices“, this is exactly what I needed something fast to relax me then get to bed as it was approaching midnight quickly. The third video was called 7 minute Bedtime Yoga, so I gave it a try. I found the poses very simple yet effective. A few times she mentions releasing the tension in your jaw, which is a common thing for many people but rarely do we notice we are clenching our jaw. These little reminders to let go of the tension we are holding onto is so important especially in stressful or anxious times.

I started to research why someone should do yoga before bed and I found these benefits on DoYouYoga.

  1. Deeper Replenishing Sleep
  2. Reduce Stress
  3. Soothe Tension, Aches and Pains
  4. Prevent Mind Chatter

As you can see from the time-lapse video I wasn’t too relaxed because it was my first time so I had to constantly look at the moves and what she was doing. 7 minutes went by fast and I felt I could have done a bit of a longer one but the video was nice and simple for a beginner like myself! To my surprise I slept quite well even though my anxiety was heightened because I had a pre-screening conversation with Prairie Valley School Division the next morning! I want to continue doing these moves to connect with myself and free my mind at the end of the day. I also challenge you to try this routine out before bed and hope you all have a deep and refreshing sleep!

Enjoy my matching pyjamas and goodnight 🙂

5 thoughts on “ZZZ’s for days with bedtime yoga

  1. Hi Courtney! I enjoyed reading your blog post for this week. Looks like you found a good video to help with the hectic nature of this time in the semester. I will have to try this out sometime, as I have a hard time sleeping most nights. I look forward to seeing more of your yoga journey! And best of luck with the job search- I’m in the same boat right now.


  2. Thank you for sharing some a relaxing resource Courtney! It looks like you are really getting the hang of these yoga poses. I went to a yoga class a week ago and it was much more intense than I expected. However, I could see myself feeling relaxed before bed with this soothing yoga video. I like how you used the list idea in your post this week, it really does make things easier to read and helps break up the paragraphs. Great blog!


  3. Hey Courtney!! This post is organized and you broke it apart nicely. Having two videos and that list of benefits makes it easier to read and it is very eye catching! I think it was super smart of you to include the video that inspired you. It is cool to watch Adriene do it then watch you do it! So far your accomplishing yoga like a boss! Keep up the great work!!


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