Getting into the zen of things!

This week is my starting point, you will see below my before pictures of some basic moves indicating where my flexibility is at currently. As you can see any form of movement that requires flexibility on my back or hip flexors is a no from me. This isn’t surprising to me, these parts have been inflexible for as long as I can remember. Coaches were constantly telling me to get lower when skating but I just couldn’t, my inflexibility didn’t allow for this.

This week I also started searching online for resources that I could learn from. This first was recommended by a friend, Yoga with Adriene, she posts videos on YouTube from guided mediation to foundations of yoga. I thought this would be a great source, it seems easy to follow and well laid out.

Next was Yoga Journal of Twitter, they post various articles surrounding yoga. For example “The Best Type of Practice for Each Phase of Your Menstrual Cycle“, hmm I have one of those… could be beneficial or “5 Yoga Moves to Practice Daily for Everyday Core Strength“, yup could use some core strength! I realized that they use twitter as a device to put out their content as Yoga Journal is a blog!

I am hoping these 2 resources can give me some guidance along this journey of becoming a yogi!


5 thoughts on “Getting into the zen of things!

  1. It seems like you have a really good handle on your starting points. As well I really like how you added a few resources that you may be using during this during. Taking into account the youtube videos you could try videoing yourself following one of them to compare and contrast (while viewing improvements) between the video and yourself. Keep up the good work!!


  2. I like that you included pictures of your poses in this post, as it would be difficult to understand your progress without any visual aid. I don’t know anything about yoga, so I appreciated this a lot! I hope to see more picutres/videos in the future. Good work!


  3. I enjoy that you linked some of your resources into your post! Looking at these photos it looks like your off to a great start!! (I’m not very flexible so this looks good to me haha). Keep it up!!


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