Its a ME…COURTNEY (Mario voice)

Hello! I am Courtney Hawkins.

This is my 5th year in university, I began in the Faculty of Science for two years prior to switching into the Secondary Education program. I have a major in Biology and minor in Chemistry. I interned at Central Collegiate in Moose Jaw, teaching Biology 30, Environmental Science 20 and Physical Science 20. Some examples of technology I used throughout was Socrative for quizzes, Flippity for various study games and CLEAPSS for lab safety.

As for blogging, I feel indifferent towards it because for myself writing creates more stress than relief. I have had to blog in previous classes such as ESCI 302 and ECS 210. You might ask why would I take this class then? I am going out of my comfort zone and trying to strengthen my weaknesses. I do follow bloggers such as Teach Me Style who is a teacher here in Regina and Jillian Harris who is based out of Kelowna, BC.

Through following and reading other blogs, I am hoping I will become more comfortable with blogging and writing content. I also want to transition my blog to be a resource for my students to find assignments and more as a daily agenda for them when I get my own classroom.




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