This is going to be a bit of a stretch…

Ah yoga.. something we all know about but very little of us participate, why? For myself, being an athlete its not that I haven’t considered or tried to getting into but always something that I never followed through with. The sports I grew up playing didn’t have a heavy aspect of flexibility in order to succeed (or so I thought) they focused on endurance and strength which were two words I didn’t combine with yoga.

As I am getting older and have been out of the competitive field for a while, I still have a priority of taking care of my body and now more so than ever my mind. While being healthy for me might not mean being able to skate fast or throw a ball far anymore, but being a peace with how I look physically and how I feel. Too often I wake up with a sore back or kinked neck and complain about these issues but seldom do I try to fix these and/or try to prevent them.

I am looking forward to how this will change my overall wellbeing, from my sleep to relaxing my mind and everything in between!

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4 thoughts on “This is going to be a bit of a stretch…

  1. I love your reasoning behind why you chose to do yoga for your Learning Project…helping with your wellbeing and relaxing the mind…thats great! I look forward to seeing your progress throughout the semester.


  2. You’re entering yoga with such a great mindset already, I just know this will be great for you! I am excited to see how yoga changes your life, maybe I will even give it a try as I read more about your progress! Good luck đŸ™‚


  3. I love your title and you picture! Great job keeping your posts interesting! I know you stated in previous posts that writing stresses you out, but I am personally loving your creativity!


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