Educational Philosophy

Throughout my journey as a teacher, my perspective of education has formed and changed multiple time and I am assuming this process won’t stop anytime soon. My philosophy of education stems from my personal experiences in school, my time in the faculty of education and largely based on my experiences in pre-internship and internship.

I have a strong belief that no learning will take place unless students are actively involved. This means including a variety of different activities for students to perform in order to make learning concrete, often the concepts we are teaching in science are hard to see and feel. As science educators we have a responsibility to give students the best understanding we can with all the tools and resources we have. If we can tie a lab or activity or some sort of creative, active movement into each lesson, our students will understand those difficult concepts a bit deeper. I found myself struggling to find creative ways to explore topics such as reproduction and organization of life, while it still being educational. But to the best of my ability, I created some activities that required them to discuss and repeat the content over and over without me distributing it to them, I found that this did help most students with their learning, but not everyone.

This brings me to my next belief, is giving students the support and differentiation that they need. For those students who don’t have support in their lives, we can become their advocates and help not only their schooling experience but life experience in an overall positive way. As I worked closely with learning resource teachers, their attitude towards helping students and supporting them in any way they need can better the lives of students. Although, not being able to “save” everyone is a sad reality but at least if the effort is there, by giving them opportunities when willing.

Lastly,  having fun and enthusiasm with each topic you are teaching. It may be your least favourite or least knowledgeable but if you are having fun with it, students will have fun with it. I personally experienced the shift in engagement from students when my mood about the topic was upbeat and positive, making them excited to learn. Creating this environment of excitement and curiosity in the classroom is a goal of mine for the future.

As I trek this path onto becoming a teacher, more things stick and shape how and who I want to be as a teacher. I want to create a place students can come to be excited to learn with engaging and active lessons, students support system and pushing beyond the limits of a regular classroom teacher to ensure the success of students.


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